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Islamic Center – Japan traces its history to 1966, but it was formally re-organized in 1975.

A legally recognized and registered organization, the Center is an independent, non-commercial and non-political organization of the Muslims in Japan.

The office bearers are elected by the general body. The finances are managed through donations, aid, membership fees, sale of literature and Islamic objects.

Address: 1-16-11 Ohara, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0041
Tel : 03-3460-6169 Fax : 03-3460-6105

List of Directors:

Mr. Ahmed Suzuki
Honorary Chairman

Prof. Dr. Salih Mahdi S. Al Samarra

Dr. Musa Mohammad Omer
Director Executive , Acting Chairman

Prof. Sai Kurasawa (Syed Murtuza)
Director of Regional Affairs

Mr. Mohammed Noboru Sato
Director of Public Relations

Prof. Fadhlullah A. Nakamichi
Director of Publications

Mr. Aiman M.M. Omer
Finance Affairs

Mr. Yousry Alhamzawi
Director of Da’wah and Education

Mr. Sulaiman Hamanaka
Director Social Affairs

List of Advisors:

Dr. Abdel Baset El Sebai
Mr. Al Bedah Abdul Aziz Mohammed
Dr. Mohamed Yousif Ali Yousif
Mr. Mohammad Raees
Mr. Khalid Kiba

List of Auditors:

Mr. Yusuf Yoshikawa
Mr. Mohamed Birkiya


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