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ICJ as a Halal certification organization:

ICJ (Islamic Center of Japan):

Islamic Center · Japan, a islamic corporation group established in 1974 and formally licensed as a islamic center corporation in 1980.The main purpose is the Islamic mission in Japan through publication and education and assistance to Muslims in Japan, and as part of it we have Halal certification.

Efforts and initiative, for halal services:

About authentication:

There are multiple Halal certification organizations in Japan now. In the past, Islamic religious corporations had almost exclusively Halal certification, but now there are places where Halal certification is done even at NPOs and corporate organizations. In response to the diversification of the needs of Japanese companies that wish to obtain Halal Certificates, Halal Certification Organizations also have their own organizations in front of their originality. Together with recent trends in international halal certification, ICJ takes seriously the needs of enterprises that wish to obtain Halal certificates in Japan and the comments of planning to acquire Halal certificates, and to answer the expectations of those companies at maximum We verified and reconfigure the conventional authentication system so that we can establish a new system.

Attention before authentication:

In order to tackle Halal certification, correct recognition of Islam and Halal is necessary. Companies who wish to certify will take measures against halal and learn about Islam at the same time.


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