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Service overview:

What is a product?

The target product means almost all products consumed by Muslims.
The most widely known is food, but we are also certifying a wide range of cosmetics, medicines, toys for infants and other toys that we attach to the body.

It refers to all factories and plants that manufacture halal products:

Halal plant is a plant that manufactures only Halal products, and we can not manufacture any other products at all.
Bringing anything other than halal into the plant is also prohibited.
Since it is also possible to certify only a specific production line, not the entire plant, please consult our group.

It refers to the service industry targeting Muslims:

Catering services, event planning, transportation and transportation services, etc. are included in this category.

Certification for Muslim friendly shops:

The shop itself is not Halal, but we have certified Muslim Friendly restaurants and shops like Halal Menu.

Among them, we certify Halal by menus and our own products, and we are committed to making systems that people of Muslim can live with peace of mind.


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