Islamic center of japan is pleasured to announce the first IT course for the Muslim community in Japan and also for Non-Muslim
(Coding summer camp)

The aim of this course is to give new Muslims generation opportunity to develop their skills and open a remarkable field of jobs can be useful for their future.

Coding is the new literacy, we believe that every individual will benefit from learning to code. With that, we are introducing a practical course to learn the concepts of programming in python. The course is interactive and based on real-life projects that will build the learner’s confidence.
This course is designed in python, The most popular programing language. It’s a simple, powerful, and dominant language that will allow young individuals to express themselves with digital technologies.

Learning objectives
Problem Solving
You will learn how to define the problem and state the goals. Then develop a flow chart of the solution and execute that in simple code. Finally, evaluate the results of your code and automate the process.
Creative Thinking
Creative thinking is thinking out of the box and looking at the problem from multiple perspectives. Coding is a great way to think creatively.
Communication and Teamwork
You will engage in group brainstorming sessions to find a solution to a problem. In addition, you will work with classroom members on multiple projects and share the solution with each other.

About the instructor
Mohamed Batran is a data scientist at Rakuten Inc., he has M.Sc., from The University of Tokyo with research focused on Big data and Artificial intelligence.

Coding summer camp

Target audience:
Age: 12 – 22
Education level: high school/college
Experience level with programing: None, knowledge of computers are necessary
Course time / duration
Length: 5weeks
Duration per lecture: 3 hours including 15 minutes coffee break.
Frequency: One time a week, on Saturday
start date: August 1st
Course fees:  10,000 JPY per person
Target Number of students:10 – 15
Bring your own laptop (windows or mac)
Ability to understand spoken English
Basic computer skills, installing applications, using MS word and so on
Ability to attend at least 4 out of 5 lectures

Teaching style
Face to face lectures
Home coding projects
Online lectures if needed.

Course contents / projects
introduction to Programming
Set Up Your Programming Environment
Start Learning Python
Basic Python and Console Interaction
Terminal Commands
Python Syntax
Strings and Console Output
Conditionals and Control Flow
Lists and Dictionaries
File input and output
Weight calculator project

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