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السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
يسر المركز الإسلامي في اليابان أن يعلن عن أنشطته الإسبوعية والتي تقام
في مدرسة المركز الإسلامي ( مدرسة يوآي الإسلامية الدولية )  يومي السبت والأحد 23،24 مارس 2019
1-.    Arabic Class : 
 1-. アラビア語 コース :初級、中級, 上級

> 場所: 友愛インターナショナル学校 1階      

      初級1 ( Saturday 20th)10:00 ~11:45am     

>     初級1 ( Saturday20th) 10:15  ~ 12:00am  
>    中級3 (Saturday 20th)  12:00~1:45 pm
>    上級  (Saturday 20th) 2:45 ~ 4:30 pm
>    初級2 ( Sunday21th) 10:00 ~ 11:45am 
>    初級3 ( Sunday 21th )10:00 ~ 11:45am 

>   中級2  (Sunday 21th) 12:00  ~ 1:45 pm

> Teacher:   Mr. Yousry Elhamzawi
2. KARATE class for children 
 Place: YUAI international school 2F

> Time:12:30 to 14;00
> Fee  : 1000 yen /month

 3 Arabic class for children  
> Intermediate : 14:10 to 16:10 pm (8yrs ….)
> Teacher: Mr.Abdelghany, a native speaker from Morocco.
> Place: YUAI international school
> Fee  : 2000 yen /month
 4. Islam& Arabic class for children  

Study contents: Principle of Islam (AQEEDAH),

the morality of Islam, manners, and Arabic.
Target age: Boys and Girls, 5-12 years old.
Date and time: Every Saturday, 15:30-17:00.
The language used: Arabic and Japanese.
Place: Underground classroom at YUAI International School.
 Cost: Free.

5 Japanese class for women (the beginner’s course)
Target: Women who are not Japanese native speaker.
-Date and time: Every Saturday, 17:30-19:00.
-Language Used: Japanese (Japanese lady lecturer can also use English).
-Place: The 2nd-floor classroom at YUAI International School.
-Cost: Free
 -Note: While mother participates in a class, the elementary and middle school
students (for the boy, only elementary school students) can join an extra class held
simultaneously for doing homework and study as follows 6
6. Extra class for foreigner children
-Target: Children who are not Japanese native speaker (elementary and junior high school students. For the boy, only elementary school students).
-Subject: Japanese, Math, and homework. Other subjects are also possible according to the teacher. -Date and time: 2nd・4th Saturdays, 17:30-19:00.
-Place: Underground classroom at YUAI international school.
-Cost: Free. Note: While your child is studying, for the mother, please participate in a 3Japanese class for women (the beginner’s course) held simultaneously.
  7-  Islamic Lectures 
الأستاذة علا عرابي
١٣:٣٠-١٤:١٥ القاعدة النورانية
١٤:٣٠-١٧:٠٠ محاضرة (تربية الأبناء في الإسلام )
• أهم احتياجاتهم : الأصحاب.
• أشد المخاطر : الصداقة بين الجنسين.
• ماذا نغرس؟ اختيار القدوة الصالحة..

Place: YUAI International School, (F1and F2 classroom)(Odakyu Line Yoyogi Uehara Station, walk . 5 minutes, besides Tokyo mosque )

Address: 〒 151-0065, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Oyama-cho, 1-13
友愛 インターナショナル スクール F1 and F2 大教室
( 小田急線代 々 木上原下車徒歩 5 分 。 東京 ジャー ミイ 裏 )
住所 : 〒 151-0065 東京都渋谷区大山町 1-13 電話

>   Islamic Center – Japan
>  1-16-11 Ohara, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo
>  Tel: 03-3460-6169 Fax: 03-346 0-6105
>  Email:
>  Website:


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